Blogs and Politics

Blogs and voting: I know it may seem a bit redundant that I talk about blogs right after my post about Conan blogs last week. But there was something that sparked my attention during my reading this week. Li and Bernoff (2009) explain that companies should understand their audience so they are then able to … Continue reading

Ethics…Black and White or Gray?

Ethics…Black and White or Gray? Questions of ethics are often difficult to answer, and in this week’s lecture we learned about some of the ethical issues in the world of PR. The internet and social media make it easy to access and distribute information, which can be very beneficial, but when it comes to taking … Continue reading

Blogs, Conan and NBC

I felt it was only appropriate to mention the Conan vs. NBC situation, as the last “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” aired this past Friday. I am a huge fan of this show and it was upsetting to know that I can’t watch Conan for at least 7 months (he said that last night … Continue reading

Technology Overload?

To sum it up in a nutshell, when I sit in front of most technologies, I look kind of like this:(well minus being a boy and having a cloud raining on me…) While I may not be the most technologically savvy individual, I learn fairly quickly, so let’s give this blogging thing a shot. This … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!