Blogs, Conan and NBC

I felt it was only appropriate to mention the Conan vs. NBC situation, as the last “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” aired this past Friday. I am a huge fan of this show and it was upsetting to know that I can’t watch Conan for at least 7 months (he said that last night on the show).

In an effort to make this blog entry relevant for my class, I want to quickly take a look at how something like a blog may impact a situation like Conan vs. NBC.

This past week’s lecture in social media and PR mentioned that the internet in the US has high penetration rates because we have cheap cable and we are also an ‘on-demand’ society. Due to the high penetration rates of internet users in the US, when we want to voice our opinions about a news story, we have the tools to get our message out to a lot of people very quickly.

For instance, if you Google “blogs about Conan” there will be 20,200,000 results that mention this phrase. Here is the direct link to the Google page that I Googled (wow, that was a lot of Google) :

Now that Conan and NBC have parted ways, do you think these blogs had any impact on the situation overall? (also think about support for Conan)

Could blogs have any impact on a political campaign/law making? Or are blogs used more for expressing personal anecdotes, personal views etc.?

What are your thoughts out there?



5 Responses to “Blogs, Conan and NBC”
  1. Lanira Murphy says:

    Well, I was also surprised by the physical support people showed him. People picketed outside of NBC’s headquarters in the pouring rain for him. But I do think that the out pour of support helped in his contract negotiations with NBC, especially the time he has to stay off the air. It also shows that NBC made a potentially premature decision because he obviously has an audience and he needed time to develop his show. I don’t know how much blogs could effect law making because of the restrictive veins it lives in but it can be a major player in a political campaign. I think it could be a great barometer for a candidate to use to measure their constituents concerns.

  2. Jing Zhao says:

    Ha, I meant to write about the same topic. After your discussion with Lanira, Conan became an interesting topic to me. Wish him all the best. He planned to do nudity? Hope not.

    I think blogs can have an impact on politics. Few days ago, Obama tweeted his first tweet to people in Haiti, and it is an example how SNS is political now.

    Jing (

  3. Jean Wang says:

    Blogs and other social media can definitely impact the political arena. Many politically related blogs are blocked back in China because the authority does see the impacts. Also, I once read an article about South Korean politicians visiting and hyperlinking citizen blogs as these blogs have become a major channel for citizens to engage in politics.

    P.S. I do hope the “dear internet” is gonna help Coco! šŸ™‚

  4. esear says:

    So, I may be kinda weird b/c I like both Leno and Conan….

    Anyway, I think that Conan (overall) has a younger audience which may be more accustomed to expressing themselves online. I think anyone that has more fans online(through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has the upper hand. I believe this is also true for politics. Although I’m not an Obama mama- I do have to admit that he had a damn good online campaign!

  5. wolfpack13 says:

    Great ideas everyone! I like the concept that even without an abundant amount of resources we can still put our ideas out there quickly with the technology that is available. Something like a blog would be a good way to get a message out to many people at once – and the multinational example was great!!

    I hope Conan doesn’t do any nudity either Jing šŸ˜‰

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