Technology Overload?

To sum it up in a nutshell, when I sit in front of most technologies, I look kind of like this:(well minus being a boy and having a cloud raining on me…)

While I may not be the most technologically savvy individual, I learn fairly quickly, so let’s give this blogging thing a shot.

This blog is for my Social Media and PR class and I will be using this blog to reflect on the reading and post questions for all of cyberspace to respond! I hope to have a collective 100 comments over the course of the semester, so I’ll need help from online participants – so keep coming back to this blog! 🙂

For this first post, I want to address the idea of too much technology. By the way, our course text is Groundswell and it is written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. So even though I may not always reference it, you’ll know where I’m getting my information.

‘Groundswell’ is what Li and Bernoff are calling the fast growing phenomenon of a new generation. Groundswell was caused by the collision of three trends: people’s desire to connect, new interactive technologies and online economics. New technologies are making it possible for people to communicate and interact with others in new innovative ways.

And while this is excited for those who study communication, I wonder if the numerous amount of communication channels is causing a technology overload?

What do you (yes, you) think about this?

Is all technology good technology?

How many social media (ie. facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) accounts do you belong to?

What do you think about them?

What do you use it for?

We can use this space to have dialog about social media and what it means to you. I’d love to know what you think about this, so speak up!



4 Responses to “Technology Overload?”
  1. Lanira Murphy says:

    Hi Lauren! I think that there is such a thing as too much technology. My biggest problem with the whole technology wave is how it is effecting our nation’s children. There are parents out there (in the majority) that don’t take the time and attention to sit down with their kids and explain how to cope with the technology in their lives. Parents assume that they children grew up with it and are use to it so there is no need to interfere. I also know that they are unfamiliar with some of what is going on but it is their responsibility as parents to pay attention. Children should be given the tools and guidance needed to have healthy relationships with the technology in their lives. (I know that I am kind of off subject but I had to get that out there.)

  2. esear says:

    So, ummm I kinda love your blog! You write like you speak and as I read I feel like I’m having a convo with you- too funny! 🙂

    I’m not sure with the whole too much technology thing. I think time will tell. If it becomes too much and we become overwhelmed (and/or we observe repricutions) then we’ll cut back. I think we’re still in our infancy as we have no long term studies to indicate whether all these screens and instant gratification is really healthy!

  3. wolfpack13 says:

    Thanks for the feedback ladies! And Eileen, thanks for mentioning the laid-back style of writing that I’m using. I want this blog to be as comprehensive as possible to the most people as possible 🙂 Thanks for taking notice!

    I think both Eileen and Lanira raise interesting points. I think it is important for children to get instruction on how to properly use technology without putting themselves in any danger.

    Also, I think that technology is so new and exciting that people want to push it to the maximum, but I think you’re right Eileen, once we get overwhelmed we’ll probably cut back on it.

  4. Jenny says:

    While I think it’s somewhat ironic to be discussing too much technology through a “technical” medium. I agree with the others that there can definitely be too much technology. Even in my lifetime there was not as much technology as there is today and everyone managed to get a long just fine. I also feel that it is the technology that’s causing a lot of the family, health and adolescent behavior issues plaging our society today. You always hear people refer to “the good old days”… these were the times when kids were healthier, moms stayed at home, general business was done between nine to five. These were also days when families maybe only owned one color television set and that was celebrated technology of the day. Now, I’m not saying we need to throw out our cell phones, ipods, etc… what’s done is done. I would be interested in knowing if any studies have been done on the impact of technology on our health, family lives, etc.

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