Groundswell – What would you do?

Groundswell – What would you do? I have introduced you to several ideas from Groundswell – and I wanted to give you a chance to do most of the talking for once 🙂 I find that the best way for me to understand something is to play with my ideas and apply it to a … Continue reading

Podcast – Podtastic!!

Podcasting – Podtastic! Well this week introduced me to a new form of one-way communication – podcasts. Podcasts are a way for organizations to automatically disseminate information to their stakeholders via outlets like iTunes and Juice. Podcasting makes it possible for stakeholders to receive information direct from the organization without internet connection. This way, no … Continue reading

Twitter: To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Twitter: To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. I don’t have to tell you guys that Twitter is a very popular social media tool which is being utilized by organizations and individuals alike. But who goes on Twitter? I would have thought it was the teenagers – but nope! An article by … Continue reading

Google Buzz…What’s all the buzzzzz about (yes, it’s obvious but you know you like it)

Google Buzz: What’s all the buzzzzz about (obvious, yet appropriate) Google has recently launched a new application ‘buzz’ which rumor has it was meant to rival the likes of Facebook AND Twitter. Google ‘automatically’ signed up all of their users without their knowledge and ‘maps their social connections based on who you correspond with through … Continue reading

Flickr Page Address

Go visit my Flickr page and let me know what you think!! This is an example of photo-sharing. I decided to represent the Undergraduate Admissions Office – so my Flickr account is a virtual tour around NC State’s main campus. This may give everyone a better idea of how this photo-sharing concept would help … Continue reading

Photo-sharing: Give them something to talk about…

Photo-Sharing: Give them something to talk about… This past week I have had my first Flickr experience and I thought it was interesting how this site operates and how organizations are using this site to build relationships and generate interactivity among their publics. I had an assignment this week which entailed joining Flickr, creating a … Continue reading

Micro-blog: Giving dissenters an outlet?

Micro-blog: Giving dissenters an outlet? This week’s lecture discusses micro-blogging sites, such as Twitter, and how organizations are utilizing this new technology to reach their publics more effectively. Twitter is a technology which gives organizations a unique opportunity to create a two-way symmetrical relationship between the organization and its stakeholders. For those of you out … Continue reading

Vlogs: The new frontier

Vlogs: The new frontier – Well I wanted this to be another technological first for me and create my first vlog…but clearly that didn’t work out. But I did want to discuss the vlog vs. a blog. And please don’t hate me for writing again about blogs – but these first discussions in class and … Continue reading

Do you hear me?!

Did you hear me?! Our reading for this week went over how important it is for organizations to listen to their publics on their social networking site. Blogs have a high ROI (return on investment) because it generates high visibility for organizations, heads off potential PR problems and the company can gains insight from customers. … Continue reading