Do you hear me?!

Did you hear me?!

Our reading for this week went over how important it is for organizations to listen to their publics on their social networking site. Blogs have a high ROI (return on investment) because it generates high visibility for organizations, heads off potential PR problems and the company can gains insight from customers. Blogs can lead to a high ROI when organizations use them as relationship builders. So having a relationship with consumers/stakeholders on their blogs can lead to a high ROI.

People also look to organizational blogs to see what other publics are saying about your organization. Therefore, if you start up a good relationship with stakeholders on the blog, they blog back honest and accurate information. The organization can use these responses to gauge how the public perceives them to be and adjust their marketing and public relations strategies based on stakeholder feedback.

When people see that the organization is listening to their suggestions, they’ll probably be more likely to keep coming back to the blog and they may even provide some great insight for the organization. If people understand that their opinion matters, they’ll be more likely to make it. So for an organizational blog to be successful our book suggests that organizations shouldn’t use their blog to simply ‘yell’ at their publics, they should dedicate their time to building a relationship with the stakeholders – meaning they should not only communicate important information but they should answer questions, pose questions and actually listen to what their publics have to say.

With that being said…

What are some examples of organization that currently use their blogs effectively? Can you think of a great organizational blog that listens to their publics?

Can you think of any organizations that are using their blog ineffectively? What might make it better?

These suggestions may help me a great deal when I become a PR practitioner – so just know, I’ll certainly listen to everything that you say out there in cyberspace!



2 Responses to “Do you hear me?!”
  1. Jing says:

    I did my bookmarking assignment on Cisco, and I think they did a great job on their blogs. They host different blogs for different purposes and catering to different stakeholders.
    A bad example, hmm, can be the toyota official blog, as Jean mentioned in her blog.

  2. esear says:

    Here is a link to the top 100 blogs listed by Technorati (this list is updated daily)

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