Photo-sharing: Give them something to talk about…

Photo-Sharing: Give them something to talk about…

This past week I have had my first Flickr experience and I thought it was interesting how this site operates and how organizations are using this site to build relationships and generate interactivity among their publics. I had an assignment this week which entailed joining Flickr, creating a profile and uploading 20 pictures which the organization could use to represent themselves on the web. These pictures are meant to create a media rich experience for stakeholders – a chance for them to see pictures which represent the organization, sort of like putting a face with the name.

Photos stir up memories or can be used so newcomers can picture how they might fit into that organization. For instance, for this project I decided to ‘ be’ the undergraduate admissions office and my Flickr page is designed to give future undergraduates an opportunity to imagine through photos if they could fit in at that university. We will virtually explore NCSU’s academic halls, dining halls, residence halls, sporting events, sport complexes, just to name a few.
Check out my Flickr page and let me know what you think! – link to Flickr page coming soon on the blog so check back on Wednesday!! 🙂

So getting back to you guys…have you seen any organization’s photosharing sites? If you haven’t seen this phenomenon go here.and look up Southwest Airlines and see their photos on their website.  They are using this medium to develop a relationship with stakeholders.

What is your reaction to organizational photosharing? Do you like the pictures – does it give you a better feel for the organization?

Let me know – your opinions are important 🙂

Once again, thanks for visiting and making comments!!


2 Responses to “Photo-sharing: Give them something to talk about…”
  1. Derek says:

    I have no previous experience with Flickr however I liked your page on NC state. People seem to be a lot more visual and giving them something to look at with a caption draws and holds the readers interest better than describing the scene through text. Such a media does not convey great deals of information but at this point in the communication that is not the point. I think your Flickr page on NC State does a good job at getting the viewers attention and makes them want to research for more information on the school.

  2. Jenny says:

    I guess I must be getting old and out of touch because I just don’t know when I would ever want to look at a bunch of photos from/for an organization unless I was actually searching for photos to create something… then I’d end up using Flickr more or less like a stock photography site, I suppose.

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