Twitter: To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Twitter: To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.

I don’t have to tell you guys that Twitter is a very popular social media tool which is being utilized by organizations and individuals alike. But who goes on Twitter? I would have thought it was the teenagers – but nope! An article by the New York Times describes that teenagers spend their time texting and going on Facebook but not Twitter (Click here for the article). Twitter was identified in this article as being more of a business networking site and being able to keep up with industry contacts easily.

I have used Twitter for the social media class I am a part of, and personally I am not much of a fan. I think it’s hard to keep up with if you’re not there constantly.

So I’d like to hear from anyone who has used Twitter before. I want to know if you like it, what you use it for, if your company uses it, what your experiences were in your professional and personal life – whatever! I just want to hear fro m you out there 😀

As always, thanks!


7 Responses to “Twitter: To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question”
  1. heishmana says:


    I use it to record moments in daily life that might make good journal entries or even good book material. Sometimes I overhear things on the bus, on the street, or just run into awkward, funny, or even heartbreaking situations that I want to remember immediately. Twitter lets me sum it up quickly and stores it in the moment so I can go back and remember it.

    I’m liking the blog.

  2. Jing Zhao says:

    Ha, I like the title!!To tweet or not to tweet…I guess we HAVE to tweet for the sake of our class requirement. But it’s fun to be there and experience the new ‘life style’!

  3. Erin Shroyer says:

    We use twitter at my company for recruiting purposes. We have found it really useful, especially reaching out to students on college campuses. We usually tweet when we will be on campus, when we are doing on campus interviews, where we’ll be for career fairs, etc. We also use twitter to annouce awards and things going on in the company. It’s been a really useful tool for us!

    Follow Johnson Lambert & Co. LLP Recruiting @JLCoRecruiting

  4. lanirakm says:

    Well, I haven’t used twitter before this class so I can’t answer your questions but I did find the article you included in your blog interesting. How we can have pre-conceived notions about things but when you get down to the facts aren’t true. I also think that the absence of teens in the Twitter universe will direct the networks definition. Reading this article also gave me a little more piece of mind. At least everyone isn’t crazy and have totally thrown their privacy to the wind.

  5. esear says:

    Is there an option where you can have Twitter notify you if someone replys to one of your tweets? I feel like its hard to keep up with the conversation. I think its good for information sharing but not for establishing a conversation.

  6. wolfpack13 says:

    Great ideas. Erin, I like that you use Twitter at work for recruiting purposes – that would be have been a great tool to use while I was recruiting. And Eileen, I agree that there should be some sort of notification tool which lets us know if someone responded to our comment – I think I’d get more out of it for sure.

  7. Jenny says:

    It could be because I don’t really know exacntly how Twitter works, but I still don’t get Twitter… if you don’t follow a company’s tweets, then how do you know. I think it’s a good idea that Erin uses it for recruiting, but how am I going to know if they are on campus (if I was a student) if I don’t follow their tweets… and I think after awhile I would feel bombarded if I kept up with more than just a few people/organizational tweets, anyway.

    Our marketing person here is all about getting involved with Twitter, facebook, etc. and I’m just not totally sure I see the point or the fact that we have enough to say on a daily basis to make it relevant.

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