Groundswell – What would you do?

Groundswell – What would you do?

I have introduced you to several ideas from Groundswell – and I wanted to give you a chance to do most of the talking for once 🙂 I find that the best way for me to understand something is to play with my ideas and apply it to a practical situation.

I told you that to tell you this…let’s say you and I were part of the public affairs team within an organization (doesn’t matter who, just tell us which organization you are insinuating in your blog) and our boss came to us needing help launching an effective social media campaign, which social media tool (ie, twitter, blogs, podcast, flickr, etc.) would you use and why?

I essentially want to know which tool you think is most effective for an organization of your choice. 😉

This could be interesting so please be creative and use your noggins…

And as always, thanks!!!


4 Responses to “Groundswell – What would you do?”
  1. Jing says:

    I guess it sort of depends on the audience you will be reaching to. A few websites provide data about demographic characteristics of various social media users. That may be a good place to start. I also blog about Facebook stats. Check it out. Thanks.

  2. Derek says:

    An organization that would benefit from the use of social media outlets would be power companies, specifically Progress Energy. They could use a Twitter page to keep customers up to date on repair progress during outages and storms. This would give the customers assurance that they are hard at work fixing the problems and about how long it should take to regain their own power. This is obviously assuming that the customer has internet on their phone otherwise they couldn’t check the twitter page without power. In general taking advantage of these media outlets should be able to replace e-mailing lists in most cases from any company to share about current offers and changes being made.

  3. Jenny says:

    I like Derek’s idea about the Power companies. I would totally use Twitter for something like that. I can see that playing out into other things, like early school closings, traffic reports for routes you commonly take, etc. Is there something out there like that? LOVE THAT IDEA, DEREK. LOVE IT! I’m just not a hardcore consumer, so I don’t want to have to join something or be inundated with messages to get info about products, sales, etc. I do like researching product reviews when I go to purchase something, so would utilize social media for that aspect–but again, I don’t want to have to join anything to do so.

    • wolfpack13 says:

      Great ideas you guys! I think Twitter would be great in that type of application. Twitter may involve signing up for it- but unlike FB it doesn’t send you a message every time a new tweet comes in (or at least not that I know of – not that I’m an expert, but still)…That may be good for people who are browsing websites to do some due diligence but don’t want to be inundated like you said Jenny. And I think that we may have stumbled upon a wonderful new Twitter app – maybe we should put that in production! We could be rich 🙂

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