Podcast – Podtastic!!

Podcasting – Podtastic!

Well this week introduced me to a new form of one-way communication – podcasts. Podcasts are a way for organizations to automatically disseminate information to their stakeholders via outlets like iTunes and Juice. Podcasting makes it possible for stakeholders to receive information direct from the organization without internet connection. This way, no matter where they are, someone interested in the organization can receive these automatic podcasts from your organization! I would love to tell you how this works – but I am not technologically inclined, so please Google it if you have questions. 🙂

If you click here, you can access ‘Podcast Alley’ a one-stop shop for millions of podcasts. So here is your mission if you choose to accept it – check out any podcast and then check out an organizational podcast.

What made you like one over the other? What makes a good podcast? Is there anything that all podcasts should include? How should an organization approach a monthly podcast?

Your suggestions will be used for my podcast, so comments are greatly appreciated!!

I’ll have a link to my podcast next week so come back and check it out 😀

As always, thanks!!!


3 Responses to “Podcast – Podtastic!!”
  1. Derek says:

    I am not overly familiar with Podcasting however I believe I understand the basic concept. That being said I think that with the new social media outlets available now podcasting has become a bit outdated. Why would I want to have to sync up my podcasts on my computer to my ipod when my cell phone can access real time up to date information posted on twitter, facebook or the buzz? It seems like a good concept for a more relaxed flow of information like listening to lectures or books on tape but for time critical information podcasting would not be my first choice.

    • wolfpack13 says:

      That’s a great point! I’m not sure I would have considered it that way necessarily. I guess podcasts would be good for those who don’t have internet access but if you have a computer in the US chances are that you do have access. Interesting…

  2. Jenny says:

    I have never listened to a podcast, mostly because I don’t want to take the time and really haven’t come across anything that has driven me to follow a podcast. However, I did think you needed an Internet connection… I Googled it and came across this informative link
    Seeing some of the things a podcast is “good” for. I can see how it’d be cool if professors would podcast their lectures, or schools could podcast plays or sporting events for parents who can’t attend. It’d be handy for any “how to” type organization–however, I noticed it says they are free. So, I would think an organization would have to take into account the cost/benefit ratio.
    I do hear radio people advertising how you can get their podcasts, which I guess is good for people who follow a radio program during that airs during a time when they are at work–they can listen to it later.
    I’m not totally sure how everyone utilizes this technology, but I do kind of see them as books on tape… which is a little outdate. I’m sure I’m somewhat ill-informed, though.

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