Keep them coming back for more: social networking

Keep them coming back for more: social networking Short blog #2 🙂 See short blog #1 on wordpress! Haha. Ok, so let’s get right to it. Organization’s are jumping on board the social media ship and putting up these sites to try and connect with their stakeholders, but once you get the profile up and … Continue reading

Social Networking: Survival of the fittest?

Social Networking – Survival of the fittest? Short blog this week – so keep reading and let’s figure some stuff out. This week’s lecture topic is a much more familiar subject for the majority of blog readers out there. So I’ll skip a background and get to the meat. Do an organization need to be … Continue reading

Customer service & PR: What do you think?

Customer service & PR: What do you think? The lecture this week made me realize that people who don’t know exactly who PR practitioners are may misconstrue what it is that we do. However, I didn’t pause to think that they may know exactly who we are, maybe even better than we do. My professor … Continue reading

Reputation management – Put your best face forward!

Reputation Management – Put your best face forward! So here’s the next topic of interest my friends…reputation management. No matter what organization or industry you are a part of, reputation is a key factor for being successful. In fact, 45% of a companies worth is based on intangibles such as reputation, brand loyalty, etc (taken … Continue reading