Reputation management – Put your best face forward!

Reputation Management – Put your best face forward!

So here’s the next topic of interest my friends…reputation management. No matter what organization or industry you are a part of, reputation is a key factor for being successful. In fact, 45% of a companies worth is based on intangibles such as reputation, brand loyalty, etc (taken from a statistic in class – let me know if you want to know the actual point of reference and I’ll get that to you!).

So, how does social media play into reputation management? I think social media could play an important role in establishing brand loyalty and building a solid reputation. The question is, which social media would be the best?

I had a thought that the social media which connects us to the most people would be the best strategy. However, that depends on the research which tells us who are publics are.

So, which social media would be best for your organization? Why?

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And, as always, thanks!


4 Responses to “Reputation management – Put your best face forward!”
  1. Lanira Murphy says:

    I think that really depends on the organization. And when the organization decided on which social media outlet to use the should stick to it…to keep up their social media repuation. Oh the tangled webs we weave!

  2. Jenny says:

    Seriously, are we so consumed by this social media thing. You’re a PR rep for a nursing home, funeral home, sewer company—is social media even in your sites? I just can’t imagine. Anyway, I feel like those brands that have the loyalty, history, reputation, etc. had it before social media even existed. I don’t see it as a tool for establishing brand loyalty, however, I can see it as a tool to enhance brand loyalty (when appropriately applied, of course).

  3. esear says:

    Hmmmm, there seems to be so many variables as to why one would use one type of social media over another. I guess the most important thing is to utilize one that you can manage and not to get over your head.

  4. Derek says:

    I don’t know that I believe that the social media that connects us with the most people is the best. I would agree that this is true, assuming that this site connects me with the most people that share my interests, however it seems as if this concept has been fading. For example, I spent much more time on Facebook when it connected me with my college/ school friends. Now that it has expanded from campus to the point where a potential boss may look up my embarrassing pictures, I’ll pass, that was for my college buddies with equally embarrassing pictures. The point was not to put myself on display to be judged, it was to share with my friends whom I stayed in contact with offline too…

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