Social media relations: Connecting with the old using the new…

Social media relations: Connecting with the old using the new… Ok, the title is a bit awkward, but let’s look beyond that. So this semester we have learned about how to build relationships and connect with our stakeholders using social media. So is that all it’s good for? No, well not necessarily. PR practitioners are … Continue reading

Media Relations: Help me help you.

Media Relations – help me help you. This is something we haven’t covered very much in past blogs – the relationship between the public relations practitioners and the media. Media can be a very helpful resource to any organization. The media can help disseminate an organizations message to a wide audience. As helpful as the … Continue reading

Analytic Tools in Social Media

Analytic Tools in Social Media Much like measuring the impacts of our campaign and the ROI for our company, we also want to know when people come to our site, how long they stay on and why they leave. This helps us understand what attracts them to our page and what makes them come back. … Continue reading

Measuring Success in Social Media

Measuring Success in Social Media Alright, so let’s create a hypothetical scenario… I work for company A and we implemented a social media campaign. We did research to find out where our publics were spending their time online, we created a message which we felt would start to build relationships with our stakeholders. The social … Continue reading

Blogs, discussion boards and Twitter…oh my..

Blog, discussion boards, and Twitter oh my… Environmental scanning is an effective way for organizations to monitor their stakeholder’s. These technologies make it easier for companies to understand what their publics are saying about them (good and bad) and can use the tools to better improve their image, reputation, feedback etc. My question this week … Continue reading

Job search and social media…let the hunt begin

Job searching & social media: The hunt is on… For those of you who don’t have to listen to me gripe about my job search, I am currently searching for an opportunity. I am attempting to market myself to companies in the hopes that they will hire me and help me start my career in … Continue reading