Blogs, discussion boards and Twitter…oh my..

Blog, discussion boards, and Twitter oh my…

Environmental scanning is an effective way for organizations to monitor their stakeholder’s. These technologies make it easier for companies to understand what their publics are saying about them (good and bad) and can use the tools to better improve their image, reputation, feedback etc.

My question this week is which one do you think provides more valuable feedback for companies? Blogs, discussion boards or Twitter?

I’ll go ahead and share my opinion on the matter and maybe we can snowball off of the comments. I think it will depend on where the majority of your stakeholders are spending their time online. If you are dealing with an older crowd, these technologies may not be helpful at all and face to face may be the best way to understand what is being said about your company.

So like many situations we’ve discussed this semester, context and publics are going to vary and make a big impact on the success of the PR campaign.

What do you think? Has your organization used these methods to find out what their publics are saying about them? If so, what did they use and did they get good feedback?

As always, thanks for participating out there you guys 😀


One Response to “Blogs, discussion boards and Twitter…oh my..”
  1. Jenny says:

    I agree with you–it depends on who the stakeholders are. However, I bet no matter the stakeholder, more people will use the outlet for negative feedback than positive.

    Our organization just went through a whole rebranding thing; can’t really speak to it yet. It’ll roll out this summer. Their feedback seemed to be focus group-type; which can be good, but often times you have to take with a grain of salt because it’s easily influenced and biased; not to mention people feel uncomfortable and say what they believe you want to hear.

    I think the feedback was valid, to a degree; the direct quotes they pulled as feedback for the new campaign/logo they are launching seemed contrived, though.

    Perhaps our national organization would have been able to produce better results digitally interfacing with our target market.

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