Media Relations: Help me help you.

Media Relations – help me help you.

This is something we haven’t covered very much in past blogs – the relationship between the public relations practitioners and the media. Media can be a very helpful resource to any organization. The media can help disseminate an organizations message to a wide audience. As helpful as the media can be, they can have negative impacts on an organization as well. So how can we as PR people stay on their good sides?

I haven’t had too much direct experience with media relations, but I did learn this summer to be cooperative with journalists during the good and the bad. If something negative happens iwthin the organization, our PR folks need to contact the appropriate media and give them as much information as they have available. That way, when you have something good happening in your organization, the media remembered you helped them out with their story, and perhaps they’ll help publicize your story as well.

What are your thoughts? What does a PR person need to know when they are working with the media? Have you had any experience speaking with media, and if so, what helped or hurt you?

There aren’t too many more blog posts so let’s hear from you while we still can!

And as always, thanks!



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