Waiting is the hardest part…

Waiting is the hardest part…

This is my first non-school related blog post…

It is quite possible that I’ll be talking to myself on here, but I figured that is better than sitting at home waiting for a new job to be posted.

As I have recently found out, the job market sucks!! Even when I was looking in undergrad. it was still better – of course I was looking for entry level sales jobs which are plentiful…

So I felt I would voice my problems with the job search on this blog and see if anyone actually reads this and has anything else to add/agree with/disagree with, etc.

Aside from the fact that not many new jobs are out there from day to day, I have found that waiting to hear back from a company is the worst part of the job searching process.  Hanging on the edge of our seats, applying with weariness to other job opportunities which aren’t quite as perfect as the one job that you are waiting to hear back from.

It’s like you want to keep applying to other opportunities in case the one you really want doesn’t work out, but it’s difficult to apply to more off the wall positions when you have found out what a perfect opportunity looks like.

In the end, I know this is a short time of unemployment. The perfect job for me is out there, I just hope I have the patience to deal with the uncertainty during the job search.

I’d be curious to know what everyone else thinks is the worst part of the job hunt, so let me know!

Thanks 🙂


4 Responses to “Waiting is the hardest part…”
  1. Laurennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn miss u!
    an honest post which represents a lot of our present story.
    to me the toughest part is waiting to hear bk too. It is that period of low activity and very high anxiety. are you looking beyond NC too?
    best wishes

    • wolfpack13 says:

      Thanks you guys! I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

      I will update you all and let you know that I went to a networking event held by LinkingRaleigh, NC yesterday afternoon and I made some great contacts and hopefully I find my career soon! And Paromita to answer your question, I am sticking around Raleigh. I love it here, so I’m going to stay put 😀 It limits my search and options, but oh well, I wouldn’t like bein away from my man and dog 😉

      To everyone who is looking for a new job, keep in mind we WILL find great careers, I think the test is having the patience to wait for it. Let me know how your search is going you guys!


  2. Amy Bryson says:

    Oh Lauren, I feel for you so much! My best friend graduated from the comm graduate dept with the same problem. She was working part-time at an ad agency and hoping for a promotion. She waited a year and watched other employees get laid off until she realized her job opportunity was not at that company. It took her 18 months after she graduated to find full-time employment. I tell you this not to discourage you but to let you know you are not alone.

    The good news is you have more options that you think. Do not settle! Even a sucky job is hard to get right now, and not worth the energy it takes to earn it. Find the company or job you want the most and ask for an internship (unpaid even) to increase your experience and get your foot in the door. Write up an awesome proposal with job duties and give the internship an expiration date so they know to consider you for employment after said date.

    My other suggestion, which may be little out there for you, is make use of your time while you wait. Go volunteer with a charity – something that you are about. Even if it’s not a job opportunity you will be doing something positive with your time instead of dreading the wait. Plus, the feel-good feelings you get from being charitable will boost your spirit in your job search. I know it sounds cheesy, but when my job-less friends started to volunteer, they were offered jobs almost immediately.

    Good luck! I honestly. HONESTLY feel for you. I wish you the best!

  3. Eileen says:

    Its been tough for me too (I won’t go into detail though since this is public).

    I think that filling out applications online is making the job hunt tough especially since I’m relocating. There is no human connection which is why I think networking is more important now then ever before.

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