Networking = awesome!

Networking = awesome!

After this week, I felt it was necessary to make a plug about the effectiveness of networking! In an attempt to describe my experience – I’ll walk you through my time at the event 🙂

I went to a LinkingRaleigh, NC networking event last week and had such a great experience. I found the group on LinkedIn and they have a plethora of networking events each month (ok, maybe not plethora, but they have a few different events).

I went to the event a bit nervous and uncertain of what to expect. However, my nerves were quickly settled when I realized that all of these individuals (~30+ people!!) were at the event for similar reasons I was. Everyone was there to meet business professionals in the area. Not only that, but everyone was extremely approachable and cordial (duh, they are there to meet people!).

After a while of mingling we were prompted to sit down at the tables and enjoy a lovely catered lunch. When lunch was over we went around the room and employers were able to share the opportunities they are hiring for. Following the employers,  individual job seekers were allowed to stand up and tell the crowd what type of opportunities they were looking for. In addition to being able to speak to 40+ people, all of the announcements were taped and the event’s host & the group leader put those taped announcements on the website. Over 10,000+ people are group members of LinkingRaleigh, NC and now I have made my job pitch to all of those individuals who all know other people in the industry (regardless of industry). That’s the easiest way to connect with 10,000+ people ever!

At the event, I was able to easily make over 10 solid contacts (had at least a 10 minute convo. with). And get this – I got a phone interview after someone from the event passed my information onto a potential employer! Not only that, but a Sr. VP present from the company I had an interviewed with already was there! I was able to introduce myself and speak to her a bit, which will hopefully give me an advantage over other candidates. (I’m crossing my fingers)

The six degrees of separation becomes much smaller when we gather professionals in one room with different skill sets and connections. It was such an easy way to make contacts, and I am going to be a strong advocate of networking events in the future. Regardless if you’re looking for a job or not, it’s always great to know and meet new people.

So if you’re on the fence about going to a networking event out of fear or uncertainty, don’t be nervous! Just go for it and from my recent experience I can say it is well worth it.
Good luck out there job searchers, keep your head high and keep pluggin away – a great job is out there, we just have to find it!!



One Response to “Networking = awesome!”
  1. Amy Bryson says:

    Congratulations Lauren. That does sound like a great event. I still network with public relations and nonprofit groups in Raleigh. It is the best way to increase my job skills since I don’t get the advantage of industry professors on a weekly basis like I did at NCSU. Jing Zhao introduced me to a few other since she has graduated too. Please post more networking opportunities so I can expand my base.


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