Rule #1 – be present

I have broken the cardinal sin and haven’t been updating my blog as diligently as I would have liked. I am currently working on a blog to discuss the crisis communication tactics used by BP and comparing it to the Exxon Valdez oil crisis to understand how these two disasters measure up.

It should be a fairly interesting & informative blog, so come back to the blog soon – because it’ll be up there!

In the mean time…I have been going on a few interviews and going to an array of networking events and I often get asked “what would your ideal job be?” 

Now this should be the easiest question to answer right?! WRONG. I am not sure what my ideal job would be. I think part of the issue is that I haven’t had enough experience in my related field to understand all the different avenues I can take my advanced degree in. That being said, I don’t want to wind up like Peter on Office Space and be stuck in a role I don’t enjoy because I couldn’t determine what I’d do if money weren’t an issue (if you haven’t watched the movie, I suggest you do!) .

It has become clear to me that our preferences change throughout our life time, which brings me to my intial question of how does one go about answering this question? I know, aim high and you’ll get what you work for – but as we get older what are ‘dream jobs?’ Sitting on the couch and getting paid just isn’t an option, so what is? And if you’re unsure of what your dream would be due to unforeseeable factors such as not having the time/money/etc. to invest in hobbies, how do you answer this question?

I’d love to hear advice from anyone out there. How do you answer the question? How did you determine your ‘dream job?’ What is your dream job?

Again, as a side note – I am going to do a better job of keeping my blog as up to date as possible, so check back weekly to read the topic of the week!

Thanks to everyone who participates, and remember there are no stupid comments here, so please speak up!



3 Responses to “Rule #1 – be present”
  1. Amy Bryson says:

    I feel your situation. I love The Office and it does make a great point about doing what you love and not just having a job. But the message is a bit too simple. I had dream jobs at CapStrat, the General Assembly, etc. but I was more obsessed with the company than the actual job I was pursuing. The best way to determine the JOB you want most is to think about what you like to do. Is is creative? Is it helping people? is it about being an organizer and planning e.g. parties, themes, etc.? I love to cook, scrapbook and talk. So my dream job is about creating something, seeing the results and being a leader in the masterpiece. You can apply those skills to a number of jobs and positions. So your interviewers (congrats BTW that is a big first step) might be asking more of what you want to get out of your “dream job” regardless of the day-to-day duties you have.

    Please post about your analysis of Gulf spill v. Exxon – that is the first thing I thought of when the spill first happened. Exxon wasn’t nearly the catastrophe that has occurred in the gulf and Exxon still gets discriminated against. Keep blogging!

    • wolfpack13 says:

      Thanks so much for your insight 🙂 Great ideas and hopefully thinking about it that way will help me say something a lot more clever than umm…well…haha – drink beer and lay on a beach getting paid?! 😉 Thanks so much for being a loyal reader, and be looking for the BP vs Exxon comparison maybe sometime early next week.

      Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hey… nice to be reading your blog in a less “forced” manner, this time : )

    Remember they want to know what your ideal job is, not your dream job. I think there’s a difference, right? or am I wrong?

    I agree with what Amy is saying. So, while your dream job might be laying on the beach, drinking beer and getting paid. Ideally, you want a job that would afford you the opportunity to work outdoors instead of behind a desk, has a causal work environment, is a place where you can have comradery and a team-oriented relationship with your coworkers (maybe you’re playing beach volleyball while kicking back a few 😉 )… etc, etc.

    BTW, I absolutely hate those lame interview questions. Good luck with your job hunt.

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