In an attempt to sound less cynical than my last post, I thought I’d make a plug for Conan O’Brien’s new show starting November 8th on TBS at 11pm weeknights. Conan has had some awesome publicity after his departure with NBC last year, and I for one have loved what he and his crew have … Continue reading

Ineffective Intra-office Communication

Have you ever been in an office environment where the communication practices between and among employees isn’t stacking up? Let’s for a second consider a hypothetical situation. Sally Sue is a temporary employee doing computer work for a company let’s call them ACE Company. While this company is comprised of many nice people, there are … Continue reading

PR and pizza?

Is there PR in pizza? Well if you’ve been watching the new Domino’s commercials, there’s only one explanation for it – they are using some classic/new PRĀ  in an attempt to change their image. They have been in the public’s eye on TV and through their Web site. Not only is their CEO saying their … Continue reading