PR and pizza?

Is there PR in pizza? Well if you’ve been watching the new Domino’s commercials, there’s only one explanation for it – they are using some classic/new PR  in an attempt to change their image. They have been in the public’s eye on TV and through their Web site.

Not only is their CEO saying their old recipe was crap – the company has now changed up the recipe and is dedicated to make the recipe better, including better sauce which does not taste like ketchup.

As a Washington Post  article discusses, this strategy has been done before and normally contains two parts: “Part one: Fess up. Part two: Vow to do better.” So while this pizza powerhouse hasn’t apologized for the bad pizza, they are at least expressing their desire to make the pizza better.

So is it working? Well I for one never used to like Domino’s but after seeing their commercial, I did try out their new recipe and must say that I do like it a lot better! Would I have ordered the old crappy recipe? Potentially. But their PR campaign pleading with folks to give them another chance certainly worked on me!

What do you guys think? Good move? Do you like the pizza better? Did you try it because they had commercials expressing their desire to change up the recipe?

Well regardless, I felt like Domino’s was making a good effort to change their public opinion – so we’ll see what happens from here on out!

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One Response to “PR and pizza?”
  1. Clayton says:

    Domino’s new campaign has been incredibly successful, showcasing the powerful marriage of self-depreciating humor and a product that people actually want to consume…a marvelous concept.

    Despite the fact that a brain dead sea lion couldn’t screw up something as simple as a pizza, Domino’s managed to run their food and image into the ground, no thanks to their two former employees that shoved cheese up their nose on camera. Working at minimum wage, Domino’s got what they paid for.

    But now Domino’s has fessed up to their crimes, made light of their transgressions and has delivered a vastly improved dish. Hardy har, I made a pun.

    At least they don’t have to promise not to blow up any more oil rigs.

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