Watson Dominates Jeopardy

Did you see Jeopardy last night?? It was awesome watching the IBM technology wizard, Watson blow away the competition.

Question after question Watson answered with an impressive accuracy. Granted not all of his answers were correct, in fact he blew the ‘Final

Jeopardy’ question! I mean come on super computer – Toronto is definitely not a U.S. city – but way to go humans who got this question right!

I think as impressive as this technology is, the question on most people’s minds is, ‘how will this impact our future?’ For me, I question how it will change the way we communicate with everything we come into contact with. Opening doors with your brain? Really?! What’s next?? I think flying cars or a bubble city. Ok, maybe that’s just what I’d like to see…

I think this will certainly impact the way we communicate with our computers & evidently IBM has already demonstrated that we can talk to computers and for the most part they can intelligently research the answers to our convoluted questions. Like everything else in our world, I think in the wrong hands, and without proper security measures, this technology could probably be used for committing crime and other malevolent acts. But in general I think Watson has opened up everyone’s eyes to the potential advancements this type of technology can create. And new technology is inevitable these days so we might as well enjoy the ride & just go with it.

After reading up on Watson, it became clear that IBM wants to improve the way computers find the answers to unstructured data. They are not trying to replace th

e human in the equation because while Watson can look up information, he cannot interact with humans the same way a human can. According to their website, “IBM’s scientists have been quick to

say that Watson does not actually think. “The goal is not to model the human brain,” said David Ferrucci, who spent 15 years working at IBM Research on natural language problems and finding answers amid unstructured information. “The goal is to build a computer that can be more effective in understanding and interacting in natural language, but not necessarily the same way humans do it.”

One way or another, this technology has the capacity to change the way we interact with our environment.


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